We are a small family business, crafting natural cosmetics. Our mission is to increase your daily well-being by offering you fresh, hand-made, natural and personalized cosmetics. Our products help your skin regain all its comfort and natural beauty.

Products are made in Laval in compliance with Health Canada laws.

Our vision is harmony between nature and body.


Trucs et astuces

  • Protéger la peau des agressions climatiques en appliquent des produits riches en antioxydants (Vitamine E, Huiles Essentielles, Huiles Végétale) et des filtres minéraux lors des expositions au soleil.
  • Hydrater votre peau afin de la proteger et garder un toucher très doux.


Naturia cosmetics are dedicated to lovers of nature. Our production processes are traditional and artisanal. Our products are fresh and natural, handmade with love. Our cosmetics are composed of high quality raw natural ingredients, both vegetal and mineral in kind. A big portion of our ingredients are fruits and vegetables that can be found in our every day diet, and carry a lot of wholesome properties for the skin. For our cosmetic preparations, we try to limit the processing done to these raw materials in order to preserve their cosmetic properties in full. The fresher the products, the more properties are preserved.

To make the most of their benefits for your skin, we advise you to keep our products in a cool and dry place. Use within 3 months after opening.

For body and face care, our cosmetics are hand-made in the next 3 days after you place your order.


Our cosmetic products carry no synthetic preservatives, no synthetic dye, no perfume, no petrochemical ingredients, no raw animal materials and they have especially NOT been tested on animals. Our products are naturally coloured through the plants and minerals we use. Their scent is light, with no synthetic flagrance. Once more, scent comes from the natural flagrance of essential oils and other vegetable materials we use. Our cosmetics are safe, high quality and effective.


To better protect against degradation (air, bacteria, fungi, etc.), a large part of our products are packaged in airless containers or in bottles.



Our production is respectful towards the environment: we focus on raw materials for a sustainable production for all our products. And because we love and respect Mother Nature, thus the Naturia name, we always try to limit the use of paper and cardboard packaging as well as print advertising.


Why Naturia

Our Products

  • Our products are natural, made from precious vegetable oils, with no animal materials, no petrochemical ingredients and no synthetic preservatives and have not been tested on animals.

  • Our products are effective because we use high quality ingredients. They are made out of 100% active ingredients adequate to your skin’s need. We have replaced water with hydrolats or floral water from different plants that add their assets into the mix.

  • You will find the ingredients list (INCI) on all our labels. Therefore you are fully aware of the products that you spread on your skin.

Personalised service

  • We invite you to complete your beauty file in order to benefit from our free personal recommendations and make the right choice amongst our products.
  • Customized products from your order are prepared and shipped within a maximum of 4 business days. If an ingredient is out of stock, we will promptly notify you of the delay.
  • Our products are fresh, made-to-order and personalized according to your beauty file, which includes all the information, your opinions and the feedback we receive from you.

We’re listening

  • With your order, we’ll include samples for you to discover our other cosmetic products.
  • A particular attention is paid to any ideas, comments, suggestions and/or questions.
  • Our customer service is always open and ready to reply, through email, in order to serve you as soon as possible.